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The Shanghai KBC show of VOVSIMBLE was perfect ending

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During past 4days of 2017 KBC show, Customize has been the focus of visitors.  Each cabinet has own customization features. Absolutely, VOV new products have advantages of cabinet colors, tap colors and overall space to customize.

VOV was outstanding at the fair for Concept ” ingenuity customize , luxury but elegant.



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Customization era

With the development of the social economy and the improvement of the people's living standard,  people require more things towards the living standard.

How to compare the cabinet and other products has been tendency in customization era.



The new products kick off the exhibition.

VOV stunning appearance with many kinds of new cabinets, hardware in 31st, May, 2017, which attracted a lot of attention.

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Taps has been adhering to the “Customize” products idea, which caught a lot of good comments and suggestions from visitors. 

Working together to create win-win situation

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"Together to share", convergence of high-end custom industry elite groups, in this era of information sharing, mutual exchange of guidance for the localization of high-end bathroom laying a comprehensive development of the differentiated routes. "Win-win development", only to create a development, from manufacturing to creation, in order to achieve this dream VOV never stopped the pace of progress - to create a win
Pavilion left thousands of people from home and abroad footprints, carrying countless years of future life of the bathroom, full of enthusiastic explanation of the sound, repeated conversation and thinking of the collision, the idea of confrontation when the knowing smile.


2017 KBC show ended with thousands domestic and foreign visitors.  “ ingenuity customize , luxury but elegant” always effect every VOV member to service customers well.


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