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Standards for New Cabinets

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Elegant Kitchen Cabinets

1. CARB-II Compliance.

The California Air Resources Board has set formaldehyde emissions limits for composite wood products. The more stringent standard of went into effect in California in 2012.

2. KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) Label.

This program requires that 100 percent of particleboard, medium-density fiberboard and plywood used in the cabinets must meet CARB formaldehyde emission levels, and must be third-party certified. There are also standards for recycled content, sourcing wood from sustainable sources and responsible chains of custody.

3. DuVerre Hardware pulls

The knobs and pulls from DuVerre Hardware’s Argyle collection are made from recycled aluminum.

4. No-Added Formaldehyde (NAF).

Products with this label may emit lower levels of formaldehyde than those that are CARB II-compliant.

5. FSC-Certified Wood.

Many factories offer FSC-certified wood as an upgrade. Look for domestic species, if possible.

6. Plywood or solid wood construction.

Not only will boxes made from these materials last longer, the CARB standards are more stringent for plywood than they are for MDF or particleboard.