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How to Choose the Best Vanity for Your Bathroom

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You've planned the rest of your bathroom and everything is in place and ready to go, everything that is, except for one of the most important pieces in any bathroom, something that can make or break your whole design. Your new bathroom vanity. Today we are going to look some important things to take into consideration when choosing your bathroom vanity.

SI120L Bathroom Vanity

1.Size and placement.

You need to work to the size and shape of your bathroom as best as possible, to big and your vanity will feel out of place and wont feel natural in the room. Vanity units wont meet your daily functional needs. You need to find that perfect balance.

2.Materials and style.

In order to keep the flow in your bathroom you need to make sure your vanity has a similar style to the rest of your room. You need to choose a style for your bathroom and stick to it, using your vanity to enhance the style and look and not detract from it. When it comes to choosing a material for your bathroom vanity top I suggest you take into consideration durability as it is most likely going to get a work out.

Storage Space Detials


When it comes to storage in a bathroom vanity you need to take a look at your personal needs, are you a couple on your own or do you have a family of 6 and need every little bit of storage space you can find. Also remember though that you are limited to the size of your bathroom and you don't want to overcrowd the room with a massive in the way vanity.

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